Get the Butlers Hitched

November 23, 2021

To call Jessica and Kent a dream couple to work with is an understatement…even though they had to be forgiven for their love of the Pittsburgh Steelers 😁.

The couple was blessed with a beautiful day in both temperature and skies. Those weather conditions lit up Christ Lutheran Church gorgeously, as it felt like God himself was shining down on these two lovebirds. The ceremony itself was full of stories of the two of them and their family and friends, frequent laughs, and a couple that couldn’t get enough of each other as they rarely took their eyes off each other.

After the ceremony wrapped up, Jessica and Kent, along with their bridal party, headed over to Ogden Gardens Park—a short five-minute drive from the church, and also the location of the couple’s engagement shots.

At the park, we caught some beautiful moments of the newlyweds, shots with their doggo, and some wonderfully silly images with the bridal party. Spirits were high! Cheers and beers were flowing! And the party was just kicking into high gear!

From the park, we headed downtown with the couple to capture Jessica, Kent, and their bridal party as they strolled through downtown Valparaiso. Along the walk, we stopped by the Summer Concert series and got some fun moments of Jessica flirting with the Orville Redenbacher statue in Central Park Plaza. And we made a stop at Radius where the bridal party was celebrated by tavern attendees as they toasted the newlyweds!

The party wasn’t over! It was time for the reception, where we met back up with Jessica and Kent. Remember that Pittsburgh Steelers comment above? 😁 It came out in droves as the couple made their grand entrance with their family and friends all waving Terrible Towels to the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run”.

The remainder of the evening consisted of some truly moving moments, like Jessica and Kent dancing to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” for their first dance, hilarious speeches from many of the bridal party, and open dancing that didn’t let up at all during the evening.

Among all of the wonderful memories being made, we were able to get Jessica and Kent outside for a gorgeous nighttime portrait (seen at the top of this blog), before wrapping up for the evening.

A beautiful couple. A beautiful day. A beautiful everything. And we did, #getthebutlershitched!

Bride and groom laughing during wedding ceremony
Bride and groom portrait at Ogden Gardens in Valparaiso, IN
Bridal party playfully swat at a drone
Bride and groom First Dance at Duneland Falls in Chesterton, IN